p53 Information

p53 information

p53 story

p53 monoclonal antibodies

p53 pathways

p53 gene

p53 protein(s)

mdm family

p63/p73 protein(s)

p53 evolution


All p53 sequences

Algt primate p53

Algt rodent p53

Algt mammalian p53

Algt vertebrate p53

Algt fishes p53

p53 in invertebrate

p63/p73 family









p53 polymorphism

p53 and cancer

mouse models



p53 phylogeny

p53 sequences from various species (vertebrates)
(33 species with complete sequences and 15 incomplete sequences)

alignment of primate p53
alignment of mammalian p53
alignment of vertebrate p53
alignment of rodent p53
alignment of fishes p53
(all these alignements are available for download)

p63 and p73 sequences from various species (vertebrates)

"p53 like" proteins in invertebrates







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