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Hepatocellular carcinoma

Table I : cell lines with wt p53

Cell line ATCC
HuH-6 clone 5  
SK-Hep1 HTB-52
HepG2 HB-8065
WRL 68  

*HBV positive

Table II : cell lines with p53 gene deletion or rearrangement

Cell line ATCC Reference
Hep3B* HB-8064  

*HBV positive

Table III : cell lines with p53 splice mutation
(exonic mutations that modify splice are listed in table IV)

No data

Table IV: cell lines with p53 mutations (missense or frameshift)
More information is available in the handbook

Pos: Codon position (1 to 393);
WT: Normal base sequence of the codon in which the mutation occurred;
Mut Sequence of the mutated codon. If the mutation is a deletion or an insertion, it is indicated by "del" or "ins" followed by the number of deleted or inserted bases. The position in the codon is indicated by “a”, “b”, or “c” for the first, second or third base of the codon respectively. Example: "del66b" is a deletion of 66 bases including the second base of the codon; "ins4a" is an insertion of 4 bases occurring between the first and the second base of the codon. Label a, b, or c is omitted if the boundary of the deletion or insertion is unknown
AA: Wild type amino acid;
Mut: Mutant amino acid. Stop: nonsense mutation: Fs.: Frameshift mutation: InF: In-frame insertion or deletion;
Comp: complexity of the mutation: SM: Single mutational event in the tumor; DMU (Double Mutation Unknown): Two p53 mutations in the same tumor but their allelique distribution is unknown; DMD (Double Mutation Different allele): Two p53 mutations in the same tumor on two different p53 alleles; DMS (Double Mutation Same allele): Two p53 mutations in the same tumor on the same p53 allele: MM (Multiple Mutation): More than two p53 mutations in the same tumor;
NB: Number of tumors with this particular mutant in the database;
Ref: reference number;
Comments: information;

Table of references (available also in the handbook)

281 GAC CAC Asp His SM OHR* 41 589 Single report
139 AAG GAG Lys Glu SM HCC-T 3 1042 Single report
249 AGG AGT Arg Ser SM HCKI-1 389 1356 Single report
244 GGC GCC Gly Ala SM HLE 10 1069 Controversy with other publications
249 AGG AGC Arg Ser SM HLE 34 230 Controversy with other publications
272 GTG ATG Val Met SM HLE 105 1006 Controversy with other publications
244 GGC GCC Gly Ala SM HLF 10 230 Confirmed in two other publications
264 CTA del18 Leu InF SM HuH-4 1 230 Single report
220 TAT TGT Tyr Cys SM HuH-7 336 230 wt in another publication
249 AGG AGT Arg Ser SM Malhavu 389 232 Single report
249 AGG AGT Arg Ser SM PLC/PRF/5 389 38 Confirmed in two other publications
164 AAG TAG Lys Stop SM SNU-387 18 2249 Mutation in COSMIC database
161 GCC ACC Ala Thr SM SNU-449 75 2249 Mutation in COSMIC database
262 GGT GAT Gly Asp SM SNU-475 6 2249 Mutation in COSMIC database
200 AAT AAA Asn Lys SM TONG/HCC 1 1042 wt in another publication

* Hepatoblastoma



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