p53 database

p53 database

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Improve p53 mutation detection and report

p53 mutation in cell lines

p53 mutation and cancers: an extensive analysis of p53 mutation in every cancer

The p53 Mutation Handbook

p53 mutation distribution

p53 mutation in breast cancer: about apples, oranges and unusual p53 mutations:
a response to Patoc et al.

UMD TP53 Mutation Database


The 2012 release of the UMD TP53 database

From June 2012, the UMD TP53 database and every tools related to mutant TP53 are now available here


A novel web site exclusively dedicated to mutant TP53




The UMD p53 database is protected by the European Union Council Directive N° 96/9/EC, OJ (L77) 20 (1996). Extracting, copying or reuse of data from databases without permission are covered by this directive



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