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The p53 Mutation HandBook v 2. (Oct 2008)
By L. Hjortsberg, J.M. Rubio-Nevado, D. Hamroun, M. Claustres, C. Béroud and T. Soussi

What is the p53 Mutation HandBook?


    The p53 Mutation Handbook is a compilation of multiple analyses performed using information from the UMD p53 Mutation database


    Which release of the UMD TP53 database was used for these analyses?

    Except when otherwise specified, the curated version of the 2008_R2 release of the UMD p53 mutation database was used.


    What is the difference between the curated and uncurated version of the p53 database?

    The curated version of the UMD TP53 database has been purged from artefactual data known to affect p53 mutation analysis. More information can be found on our website (http://p53.free.fr/Database/p53_database.html) or in our recent publication (Soussi, T., Asselain, B., Hamroun, D., Kato, S., Ishioka, C., Claustres, M. and Beroud, C. (2006) Meta-analysis of the p53 mutation database for mutant p53 biological activity reveals a methodological bias in mutation detection. Clin Cancer Res, 12, 62-69.)


    How were the various analyses performed?

    Using novel software, the entire UMD TP53 mutation database was automatically analyzed resulting in the p53 Mutation Handbook as an output.


    What type of information can be found in the p53 Mutation HandBook?

    The p53 Mutation Handbook presents an analysis of TP53 mutation distribution and mutational events in the most frequent human cancers.

    It also contains helpful reference pages about the human p53 sequence and how each codon of the protein is mutated in human cancer.



    What is the reference of the p53 Mutation HandBook?

    L. Hjortsberg, J.M. Rubio-Nevado, D. Hamroun, C. Béroud, M. Claustre and T Soussi,. The p53 Mutation handbook 2.0, available online; http://p53.free.fr


    What is the audience for this handBook?

    Every scientist interested in p53 mutations or more globally in mutation analysis in human cancer.


    What if I need a specific analysis which is not included in this p53 Mutation handbook?

    Just send us an email (p53@free.fr) and, if your request is feasible, the analysis will be performed and added to the handbook.

    You can also make suggestions via our Forum (http://p53.free.fr/Forum)


    What is the future of the p53 Mutation HandBook?

    More analyses and novel information will be added to the next version. Stay tuned!




    Version History


    2.0 October 2008

    Update with the 2008 release of the UMD p53 database

    Add new analysis

    Add strategy of analysis for the most frequent cancer


    1.1 March 2007

    Modification of the CpG mutation analysis page 68 and 69



    Release of the p53 Mutation HandBook, February 2007




The UMD p53 database is protected by the European Union Council Directive N° 96/9/EC, OJ (L77) 20 (1996). Extracting, copying or reuse of data from databases without permission are covered by this directive


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