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Created in 1994, this web site is a reference for all scientist working on p53 or in cancer research in general. I had the privilege to perform my Post Doc in the laboratory of Dr. P. May and work with Dr. M. Kress, who signed one of the first publication on p53 in 1979. As I always recount, I choose to carry on my work on p53 because it was a very quiet field and the teaching duty of a young assistant professor in France is 192 hours of lectures per year. I still don't know whether I made a mistake or not.
Nevertheless, the p53 field has expanded and in this web site, I have gathered more than 20 years of information including the never-ending expansion of the UMD p53 mutation database, the description of all p53 monoclonal antibodies, the phylogenetic analysis of p53 and other useful data. This site is also your site and if you feel that some information are missing or could be wrong, please let us know.

June 2012

The new release of the UMD TP53 (June 2012) database is now available in a new mutant TP53 web site ->



A special issue of Human mutation
Focus on p53 and Cancer.

T. Soussi and C. Béroud: Guest Editors
All articles are free online

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Our p53 web site has been recently awarded as one of the best educational resources on the Web by StudySphere


A last point: until the last version of this web site, I did not mention any copyright or any legal notice concerning the content of this site. Unfortunately, I have noticed that several sections of this site including the entire database have been used in other websites without any authorization. I would like to mention that this site is copyrighted and that the UMD p53 database is protected by the European Union Council Directive N° 96/9/EC, OJ (L77) 20 (1996). Extracting, copying or reuse of data from databases without permission are covered by this directive


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